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      My Story

      "I am Aimee, I spent most of my life overweight. I work under great pressure everyday and I’m being picked on or laughed at because of my shape.

      I was trying to act like it wasn’t a big deal and decided to have a change in 2020.

      Since starting my weight loss journey, I have seriously learned so much about healthy lifestyle and what works for me that it's becoming a passion of mine. I lost 66 lbs in 2020, now I feel like a completely different person, and I am in so many ways."

      Get Moving.
      Be Healthy

      We are looking for our Virmee ambassador
      Come and join us for the next 2 weeks of Virmee Challenge.

      Try new products first
      Unleash your other side
      Become a better you
      Inspire others

      How to Participate in the
      Virmee Challenge

      1. Follow Virmee Facebook and Instagram;

      2. Leave your comments and share the best of you on FB/INS;

      3. @virmee and Tag #virmeechallenge.